Effective 1 Minute Guide To Help You How to Take Screenshots on Windows 10

It is a game to play with windows 10 to have fun.  You can take colorful full screen photos or images for saving on desktop. Do editing using the DTP tools. Advanced paint tool makes someone competent to have quick screenshot on windows 10 dynamically.  Online guide is much effective to enable people to learn how to take screenshots on windows.

Save Screenshot Fast on Windows with Quick Editing –Tips

One of the understandable easy ways is to follow few shortcut techniques to serve one’s purpose  of having colorful glossy screenshots on the upgraded windows 10 version. Well on the keyboard, find the print screen button.  If it is your feature rich multimedia keyboard, the print screen button is located left side next to F12 key.  Between F12 and Scroll Lock, this print screen mode exists. Press it and a small window will come. Or press Control key plus print screen button to see the glossy pop-up window to take the image quickly. To save the picture, you need to use the window button on the keyboard.  To sum up, open the paint page and then paste the copied picture on the clipboard for saving.  For editing purpose, you need to choose the editing button to change the shape of the picture. Later save it in a file.

Shortcut Method to Take Screenshots on Windows

There is another quick shortcut preview for you to take the colorful snapshots on windows.  If you want to save the full screen image in a particular file, use the following methods stepwise.
  • .Windows + Print Screenshot
  • Save the picture in the tiny picture library
  • In the case of using photo app, follow this formula Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots

Innovative Way to Take Screenshot on Windows 10

Many people are fond of taking screenshots of running windows. They have to be competent to save the image after taking screenshots on their window 10 version.  In this case, they should choose Alt key plus print screen button to track the small window screen for capturing. Then post the copied picture on the clipboard in the paint framework. Modify the screenshot of the active windows perfectly. The picture editing and color contrast can be finished fantastically. This fast photo editing and file saving method should be meticulous.  However, you can remove the edited picture to post a new one.

Well, often print screen key is not workable or damaged. It is hazardous for a person to have the screenshot on window 10.New thing is to locate S +Shift+ Windows for opening a window to save the selected image on a Paint for necessary editing. Save the picture in a different folder and then go for next image editing.  Online experts demonstrate free how to save the specific screenshots on the paint after taking the full screen image using the advanced tools.  Check their hands-on demos and try to have much more accuracy in taking the several screenshots of the landscape images on windows 10.


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