How to Change the Theme of the Google Keyboard?

Google keyboard of your android phone must be cute.  Its beauty must be maintained. However, the theme of Google keyboard must be innovative. For Google 5.5 version or higher, the keyboard should be nice with new look to entice people. Basically, few steps must be completed fast to have such a glossy Google keyboard.

Important Steps to Follow
  • Press coma or ‘ on keyboard for some time and then go to Settings
  • Settings mode is on display with a number of options for you
  • In Settings box, there are different options including  “preferences”
  • Choose the preferences button which is next to “language” option in settings
  • Tapping preferences option, there is “theme” dialogue box online
  • In this small window, you will find two options – Material Light and Dark
  • Material Dark option is needed to change or innovate the theme of the Google keyboard
  • Show keyboard border is red colored and it indicates the complete change in the keyboard theme.
  • Now it is ready for an android user to reset the Google keyboard with a new setting.  
Check Free Demos
In this connection, free demos and glossy slideshows on Google keyboard theme changing enable customers to do the instant theme resetting to upgrade the Google keyboard.

No Third Party Software Required to Innovate Background Theme

Well, good information has hit the market that Android Google keyboard background theme has got a new exposure. Earlier, only selected devices of android were fitted to the innovation in resetting the background themes. It was not easy for all.  Few third party software packages were launched to help customers to change the background theme of Google keyboard.
How To Geek
Innovation in Background Theme Resetting
Recently, Android manufacturer has declared that right now any device of Android is suitable to a customer to post their pictures to develop the background theme nicely. You are at liberty to replace old theme by placing your own photo. Isn’t it nice for you?

How to Change the Background Theme on Google Keyboard

  • Your android should be minimum 5.2.3 version or higher
  • Find the picture launcher
  • Tap the particular option of “ image”
  • .My Image mode is on display
  • Share images stored in Google archive or different source
  • It is free to copy and post  any image changing the old theme  background
  • Resize and modify the image by cropping or modifying
  • Keep color contrast smooth and eye-catching
  • Check different demos or online images
Needless to say, Google keyboard has now much more brightness through massive technological advancement. So, try to make Google keyboard themes much glossier. If you are unable to complete the jobs of innovative background décor, take assistance from online tech support team.


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