How to Fix the Error 3194 Code Issue?

Are you facing the Error 3194 Code issue and unable to resolve it? Have you tried to find solutions to the problem but couldn’t find a permanent fix. Here you will be able to find the perfect method to fix this issue.

Why Does Error 3194 Code Occur?

The Error 3194 Code can occur when the user attempts to update or restore their iOS device through iTunes. It can occur in your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It indicates that your device is unable to connect properly to Apple’s firmware signature verifying server. It can also occur when you attempt upgrading the firmware and your device is detected to be ineligible for the version of the firmware. It is also experienced by iOS users when they try to update or downgrade.

Underlying Causes

Some of the underlying causes of the Error 3194 Code problem are as following:

  • iTunes downgrade error
  • iPhone error issue
  • Windows error problem

If you are looking for a permanent way to resolve the Error 3194 Code, here are 5 methods to help you.

1. Updating the Firmware on Windows PC

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Open ‘control panel’
  • Open ‘device manager’
  • Search ‘disk driver’ and open it
  • Note down the model number
  • Search for current firmware on the official website
  • Download and install the firmware

When you update the SSD’s firmware, it can help in addressing the underlying cause of the Error 3194 Code.

2. Disable/Turn Off Firewall Settings

If this is the underlying cause, you will be able to resolve the Error 3194 Code issue by turning off or disabling the Firewall settings in your PC:

  • Open ‘start’ menu and ‘control panel’
  • Open ‘Windows firewall’
  • Click on the option ‘turn windows firewall on or off’
  • Check the box against ‘turn off windows firewall (not recommended)’
  • Click ‘ok’ and the new settings will be saved

3. Resetting TCP/IP

Resetting TCP/IP protocols on your system may also help in fixing the Error 3194 Code. The steps involved are as following:

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Open the command prompt after searching for ‘cmd’
  • Type the following into the command prompt: netsh int tcp reset resettcpip.txt
  • Press Enter and the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol will be reset

If the underlying issue is related, this can help in resolving the connection failed due to this error.

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4. Delete a Line in Hosts File

You can also fix the Error 3194 Code by deleting a line from the Hosts file. The steps are as following:

  • Open ‘start’ menu and then ‘notepad’
  • Click on ‘file’ and then ‘open’
  • This will open a pop-up
  • Open the following path: My Computer>Local Disk C:>Windows>System32>drivers>etc
  • Check the bottom right and select the ‘file type’
  • Choose the option ‘all files’
  • Open the Hosts file
  • Look for a Facebook URL within the Hosts file that doesn’t open
  • Remove the line
  • It is important that the right line is deleted
  • Save the file and close notepad
  • Restart the system

5. Creating System Restore Point

Another method to fix the Error 3194 Code problem is to create a system restore point. The steps involved are as following:

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Search for ‘system restore’ and open it
  • Check the against ‘select a restore point’ or ‘recommended settings’
  • Then click ‘next’ and follow steps in the wizard

Once complete, close the tab and this should help in fixing the Error 3194 Code.


There is another way to create the system restore point:

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Search for and open ‘system properties’
  • Open the option ‘system protection’
  • Click on ‘system restore’ and then on ‘create a restore point’

Follow the wizard and complete the process and then close the tab.

So choose any one of the above-mentioned two methods to create a new system restore point. If the underlying cause is relevant to this method, it should help you fix the Error 3194 Code.

So follow the above-mentioned 5 steps to permanently fix the Error 3194 Code problem. If one method doesn’t help address the issue, you should try the next one. This step by step guide will help you address all the potential underlying causes of this error code.


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